Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SaturDame Aaron Lynch's Coming Out Party 9-17-11

So apparently Aaron Lynch is going to play a lot against less mobile quarterbacks.

I hope Cousins felt privileged to get beat up by the freshman.

George Atkinson. The Third. Incredible ball skills. (Decided by twitter).

Thanks to @ndeddiemac for allowing me to witness the game first hand.

Gary Gray turned his back on a pass in the second quarter and all I heard in the stands were shouts of "TURN AROUND" myself included.

An 18 point win over the number 15 team in the country. That's refreshing.

Two plays away from a 3-0 start for the second year around. Less refreshing.

Robert Blanton is a man. That guy has really stepped his game up.

I don't know the perfect time to run a fake field goal but I'm guessing less than optimal conditions are: against a team you beat with a fake field goal the year before, anytime Louis Nix is on the field and you want to run a play near the middle of the field and after calling a time out.

I liked the John Goodman that always fair caught and never fumbled more than the John Goodman that runs backwards and fumbles.

Cierre Wood continues to impress.

Five possessions went unused by the offense which explains the "lack of offense:" KR TD, QB sneaks after Dantonio's Dumbass Decsion, QB sneaks to set up the field goal, Goodman's fumble and VICTORY FORMATION.

Michael Floyd.

On Tai-ler Jones's touchdown every down field receiver was open. Every one. And that was a helluva catch and throw.

Freshmen everywhere and contributing.

Wouldn't mind seeing Robby Toma a little more.

Tommy "Turnover" Rees. Is that official yet?

Everyone in the stadium had the same feeling on Goodman's fumble and it wasn't positive.

Ishaq Williams out ran every player on the field looking to block someone and then got cheapshotted by failed QB Keith Nicols after Blanton's pick.

So running the Wildcat at Robert Blanton is the new throwing screen passes toward Manti?

Beat Pitt.

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