Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SaturDame How Denard Broke My Heart 9-10-11

What just happened?

When a team is in desperate need of a break Notre Dame just shows up and allows it to happen.

The awful zone coverage on the pass before the final ND touchdown is only the fourth worst coverage mishap of the game.

I really think Denard Robinson should be returning kicks for Michigan. Yeah, injury blah blah blah, get the dude in space.

He still isn't a good passer, he might be adequate just because the defense has to be worried constantly about his ability to run.

Gary Gray played the worst game by a defensive back I can remember. I don't understand how he constantly face guarded, illegal in college football and not very effective.

It's pretty cool how Denard can throw a back shoulder pass on every play. And they're so high in the air.

Michael Floyd all he does is everything.

Tommy Rees is going to make damn sure someone catches his passes, he doesn't even care what jersey they're wearing.

I kind of wish Michael Floyd had caught the invisible pass Tommy tried to throw to him.

His was an amazing fumble but not as amazing as Michigan's fumble for a touchdown.

The run game on plays that weren't third and short is really good.

It was really cool that Michigan has one of the best players in college football and they took a knee with 1:40 left in the half.

Besides the turnovers Tommy played really well. Which means he didn't.

The offensive line was really pretty good. Third and short running plays being the exception.

I really like you Tyler Eifert.

Fever Dog Dan Fox played really well.

All but one of Michigan's passing touchdowns were passes that the defender didn't see.

Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray everybody. Nice games by both.

If this team stops shooting themselves in the feet they could win a couple of games.

Although by now they're shooting themselves in the thigh Plaxico style.

Hey, David Ruffer made a field goal.

Love Kyle Brindza kicking off. Now if they would just give him a chance to punt. Although he's supposedly slow getting them away. Combined with the long snapping issues that might be a problem.

A fully confident Michigan State team on Saturday. Great. Although if they've seen their pro combat jerseys that will dampen their spirits a bit.

Beat Sparty.

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