Saturday, September 3, 2011

SaturDame USF 9-3-11

That is literally the longest game I've ever watched.

I don't understand naming a starting QB if you're only giving him one half of football.

I do however understand the switch, so maybe he felt Dayne Crist still needed some more confidence which means you start Tommy.

Kyle Brindza for everything.

You guys, ND finally had a 100 yard rusher under Brian Kelly.

I love when defensive players never look for the ball in the endzone. That's probably my favorite type of defending.

Michael Floyd is amazing at offense. But we knew that.

Really glad Theo Riddick is (attempting to) return punts. Literal game changer.

Loved the emotion from Tommy Rees as he threw a game clinching interception into everyone ever.

I don't have much to say about the defense. They played well, but missed chances to turn the game around.

Really wish Floyd would have jumped for that onside kick.

When you get the ball a yard and a half away from the endzone as opposed to three yards away on a two point conversion and your running back has been pretty damn good, you might want to at least run a play action pass or actually run the ball. Just a thought.

If Floyd lets go of the hold in time and Wood scores, Crist never throws the pick and who knows what happens. Literal game changer.

What happens to Golson if Rees is the QB? Because Rees is the QB. Do we have another QB competition next year that Rees loses?

Brian Kelly sure does get fired up.

So the field looked awful, I think it's Swarbrick trying to get less complaints about Field Turf.

The Jonas Gray fumble never should have happened, but the refs should have blown their whistles as forward progress was stopped.

Guys, USF might be really good.

Rematch in the BCS?

I think that's it. The game took too long for me to keep everything memorized. See you next week after a night game in Ann Arbor is a whore.


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