Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tarnishing the Golden Dome

The picture above shows Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent in bed with porn actress Lisa Ann.  There are more tame pictures being circulated around the internet.  And, now news services such as The Huffington Post and Fox have latched onto the story.  Many on my facebook group, Domer Sports Report, find the actions of Brent humorous.  I do not.

Throughout it's history, the University of Notre Dame has been proud of it's academics.  The standards are higher than at most Universities.  It is near Ivy League in it's academics and entrance requirements.  In addition to academic standards, Notre Dame likes to boast of the character of it's students and alumni.  For the most part, the University has a reason to do it.  The overwhelming majority of past and present students do have a high character.  Many back up their lofty reputations of good character by volunteering, which is a Catholic tradition.

Notre Dame is a private institution and a Catholic one.  As a private Catholic school, Notre Dame has a right to have a moral code that is far more strict than at public institutions.  Cheating on tests is against this moral code as we have seen recently.  But, being with a porn actress and posting pictures on the internet?  Imagine how Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins feels.  Imagine how athletic director Jack Swarbrick feels.  Imagine how, hopefully, football coach, Brian Kelly feels.  Some might find what Brent did as funny.  Some hold him up as some sort of conqueror because he "bagged" a porn star.  But, this is Notre Dame.  This is not the University of Kentucky or Florida State or Miami of Florida!  Notre Dame has a moral code.

How can Notre Dame and Notre Dame fans now point the finger at others who violate moral codes such as stealing or being accused of rape if breaking a code of morality continues to happen?  This just gives the haters out there more fodder to point the finger at Notre Dame being arrogant and "holier than thou" while having these things continue to happen.  It make us look hypocritical when we point the finger at Jameis Winston.  We look like hypocrites!

In addition, the decision making on the part of Justin Brent has to be called into question now.  He is 18 and Lisa Ann is 42.  What would be said if it were reversed and the man was 42 and the young lady was 18?  As far as Lisa Ann being a porn actress, on, one poster pointed out that Jesus hung out with Mary Magdalene, a prostitute.  My response to that is she changed her ways after she started hanging out with Jesus.  To my knowledge, Lisa Ann, has not changed from being a porn actress.

My prediction is that Justin Brent's days at Notre Dame are numbered.  If Notre Dame does not say or do anything to straighten him out, he will do something stupid to get kicked out of Notre Dame.  Mark it down.  If Notre Dame does have a talk to him, he might even leave out of his love - or, is it lust? - for his porn star fantasy woman.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Editorial: Everyman Versus The Big Snobby Monster

I am tired of the media not liking Notre Dame. Now, I am not paranoid. I know not all dislike us. But, ESPN type media paints us out to be this big, snobby monster. Everyone else, particularly, the SEC, is made to look like the underdog "Everyman". These types do not care if Notre Dame does it the right way and FSU does it the "not right" way. We are the huge snobby monster and UK basketball who cheats and does one and done basketball players is looked at heroically. From the time of Rockne, the Nation looked at us as how America should be - hard working, clean and honest. Somehow, that does not matter to a lot now days. I was as frustrated as anyone about the length of time it took to get a "verdict" on the 'Frozen 5'. But, compare that to an accused rapist, who might also have broken NCAA rules and also notoriously swiped crab legs and not a damn thing was done! Why is it decency is ignored now days and shady characters are "Everyman" heroes? I maintain this started with the advent of ESPN. It started when they needed ratings to move forward. So, they pleased the ND haters and Notre Dame was a side dish. Make no mistake, a lot of people love Notre Dame. BUT, I hate to say it, even more hate us. We are the big, snobby monster of education and athletics. Somehow, the media has forgotten that blue collar types also root for Notre Dame. But, of course, UK basketball, Miami, Florida State, Alabama and Ohio State football - ESPN-types think that is where the ratings and common man lives. If there is justice, we will win Saturday and when we do, let's all talk about how good beat evil. How right beat wrong. How clean beat dirty.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Help Wanted and an Explanation

I am looking for a few people to write for the blog.  Any topic of Notre Dame sports is on topic.  There is no pressure.  You can write what you want, when you want.  The more the merrier.  I want our blog to be more active.  Please email me at if you are interested.

I apologize for the blog being slow.  Back in late October I went to the emergency room.  I had gangrene in a couple of toes.  They kept me for a week and I had two operations.  They removed two toes and a little of the ridge on the outside of my left foot.  I have been wearing a wound vac and recovering ever since.  But, the doctors have been saying I am healing very well.

Thanks!  Go Irish!