Friday, October 17, 2014

Editorial: Everyman Versus The Big Snobby Monster

I am tired of the media not liking Notre Dame. Now, I am not paranoid. I know not all dislike us. But, ESPN type media paints us out to be this big, snobby monster. Everyone else, particularly, the SEC, is made to look like the underdog "Everyman". These types do not care if Notre Dame does it the right way and FSU does it the "not right" way. We are the huge snobby monster and UK basketball who cheats and does one and done basketball players is looked at heroically. From the time of Rockne, the Nation looked at us as how America should be - hard working, clean and honest. Somehow, that does not matter to a lot now days. I was as frustrated as anyone about the length of time it took to get a "verdict" on the 'Frozen 5'. But, compare that to an accused rapist, who might also have broken NCAA rules and also notoriously swiped crab legs and not a damn thing was done! Why is it decency is ignored now days and shady characters are "Everyman" heroes? I maintain this started with the advent of ESPN. It started when they needed ratings to move forward. So, they pleased the ND haters and Notre Dame was a side dish. Make no mistake, a lot of people love Notre Dame. BUT, I hate to say it, even more hate us. We are the big, snobby monster of education and athletics. Somehow, the media has forgotten that blue collar types also root for Notre Dame. But, of course, UK basketball, Miami, Florida State, Alabama and Ohio State football - ESPN-types think that is where the ratings and common man lives. If there is justice, we will win Saturday and when we do, let's all talk about how good beat evil. How right beat wrong. How clean beat dirty.

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