Saturday, October 22, 2011

SaturDame Southern Cal 10-22-11

GEORGE ATKINSON Y'ALL (I had to move that to the top. Cause it was awesome).

The end of the game was disgusting. What are you saving your timeouts for? The defense is openly trying to strip the ball and get it back. There is no difference in losing to SC by 1, 14 or 21. Who cares? At least pretend you care about getting the ball back.

Matt Barkley >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tommy Rees. Everyone knows that.

Not getting Michael Floyd the ball.

Remember that PI call on Michael Floyd. Yeah, me neither because it didn't happen. Which is trash.

Crist fumble.

Jonas Gray Everthing.

Cierre Wood likes dancing too much. Whoever let him see the Footloose remake gets fired.

Robert Woods is good. I hope I don't have to see Barkley to Woods next year or my Thanksgiving dinner will be awful.

Gary Gray has decided no one will beat him to the endzone ever again. No matter where the field position is Gary is going to give them as much as they need.


Robert Blanton won a battle with a FB that kept ND in the game.

Hendrix was THISCLOSE to tying the game. THISCLOSE.

Tyler Eifert is super good, glad he got the ball. Eventually.

Sorry I haven't posted one of these in a while. But the Pitt game was terrible and the blowout wins didn't say much.

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