Sunday, November 1, 2009

SaturDame Wazoo/Halloween 09

I didn't give this game my full attention because of the sporgy going on around it, did anyone see Tennessee in black jerseys? They ruined Halloween.

I hate writing the same things about Golden Tate every week, actually that's a lie, I love writing the same things because that means he is performing fantastic feats.

Golden Tate may steal Jimmy Clausen's Heisman Trophy.

Duval Kamara is trying to convince Jimmy he is worth a couple of targets when Mike Floyd comes back and is doing a pretty good job.

No Armando Allen and no Robby Parris, no big deal. Robert Huuuuuuuuughes was pretty dominant.

Seriously, did you see that touch down run by Golden Tate? I think he may have adamantium on his skeleton...(Tim Tebow dressed up as Golden Tate Saturday night)

Golden Tate is also the first five foot ten guy to be expected to come down with every jump ball.

Dayne Crist finally showed off his arm with that laser to John Goodman, who then pulled away from the DB as well. Hopefully Dayne will be okay at least Evan Sharpley came back.

How about the hustle from Mike Ragone after the blocked extra point, ridiculous. I was kind of hoping to give up another two point play after the safety last week though.

How does Nick Tausch make every field goal and miss three extra points? I'm aware that they are blocked but how does that not happen on the field goals?

Robert Blanton
made a spectacular catch on the interception.

Eric Olsen needs to control himself, it's getting old. Also cut your hair (that's for my mom).

Theo Riddick and Jonas Gray showed some game.

How about that WildCat running game. I also think Golden wanted to throw the ball to Jimmy in the endzone...

Finally stopped a freshman QB from putting up huge numbers... Also the Cougars started a freshman at LT that weighs 240 pounds, those two things may be connected.

Ben Turk rebounded from his near backwards punt and had a sweet coffin corner kick.

USC and Michigan got blown out. Also after that Indiana Iowa game I think all instant replay officials went to Purdue.

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