Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturdame Pitt 09

Really, that was a fumble. Really?

Golden Tate is amazing, if he comes back next year he will have a chance at Rocket like stardom.

Notre Dames score at halftime of the last 4 games, besides Washington State are 7, 13, 0, 3. Nice schematic advantage.

Another stupid offensive line penalty.

What was the game plan exactly? It seemed like Weis was a nine year old kid on his X-Box just randomly picking plays hoping they would work.

The interception on the pass to Floyd was an awful pass that should have been thrown.

What's the deal with wasting time outs early in halves?

Why didn't Charlie send the punt team out immediately after Jimmy's incompletion? With over two minutes on the clock and two timeouts punting is the right call. Instead he uses a time out lets the booth look over the play and then steal the ball.

Michael Floyd has to make that catch on third down, the drop was indefensible.

Can the offense please wake up in the first half at some point this season?

Brian Kelly or Gary Patterson or Bob Stoops. Now. Brian Kelly is my choice though.

I saw Kyle McCarthy miss a tackle, I've now seen everything.

The punt return by Golden was scary good, I say he's not allowed to fair catch any more punts.

Did Notre Dame really give out scholarships to a freshman kicker and punter and then not use them at all? Awesome.


OC Domer said...

I was wondering about the kicking too. What happened to Tausch? Is he hurt? Or is Weis blaming him for the loss to Navy?

Anonymous said...

Hard to blame someone other than the defense. And how many times were the Irish in the redzone against

Anonymous said...

"Golden Tate is amazing, if he comes back next year he will have a chance at Rocket like stardom" Since when is Rocket (or was Rocket) a star? And where is he today?