Saturday, November 7, 2009

SaturDame Navy 09

The end of Charlie Weis should have been last year. Maybe the Irish don't get Manti T'eo, maybe they aren't 6-3 right now (8-1), maybe this team doesn't die inside the red zone. I don't know, it seems to me that we enjoyed that Hawai'i bowl a little too much, and thought that a win was a win no matter what this year. Is this a bad Navy team? No, in fact this might be the best Navy team Weis has faced. However, that isn't an excuse, this Navy team doesn't have anywhere near the amount of talent ND has, that's why they run the triple option. It's an offense that is hard to adjust too for defenses, that's the point of it. That being said the Irish held them to three touchdowns, I think everyone expected this Navy team to score at least 21 points. No one expected the Irish to struggle offensively. Whether it's Nick Tausch finally looking like a freshman, or Mike Floyd blocking on a pass that is thrown directly to him, the offense is at fault for this loss. Perhaps I should have saved my red zone inefficiency joke for this team instead of using it for Michigan last week.

Chris Peterson, Brian Kelly or Gary Patterson? Someone else? There will be a new coach in South Bend next year, if only because of the home schedule... Have you seen it? The new coach should be able to cake walk to 9-3.

How does Navy get those last two sacks only rushing 4?

Mike Floyd looked rusty, all the more reason to get Golden Tate the ball IN THE FIRST HALF.

I don't understand why Jimmy loves the fade pattern isn't a slant or an out route a better play in the end zone?

Did you see Golden catch the pass that didn't happen in the end zone with one hand, Willie Mays style?

Running the ball with Robert Hughes should have dominated the play calls. A huge dude running behind a huge offensive line against a small defensive line. Am I missing something?

The defense actually stepped up and got the offense the ball back at the end of the game, that might have been the most shocking development of the whole game (besides the offense imploding).

Can someone explain why the kicking only sucks in games when we need it to be good...

A TOUCHBACK ON A KICK OFF!!!! Is that allowed?

Harrison Smith gets the Eric Olsen award for stupid penalty of the day.

How did Notre Dame lose to Michigan?

I don't feel good about the Pitt game or the Stanford game, it's probably for the best.

"Nine and three isn't good enough" Charlie Weis.

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