Saturday, November 28, 2009

SaturDame Night Live Stanford 09 Weis Out

It's supposed to be a parody of the song Wipe Out, not of the term white out. I'm ripping Simmons off, I'm aware.

7:25 Chris Martin is rumored to have committed to Florida, Omar Hunter style.

8:01 You are looking live. Love me some Musberger. Bet he took the Cardinal.

8:02 Herbie confirms that Weis is out.

8:03 They finally mention Stanford's team. Over/under on Toby Gerharts rushing yards is 300. I originally had it at 500.

8:13 Kick off is returned to mid field, not a good start. Kyle McCarthy makes the first tackle of Toby Gerhart, that is no surprise. T'eo makes the second tackle, also not a surprise. A stop on 3rd and short, by T'eo and they force a punt. A surprising start, nice job defense.

8:16 Jimmy his eye black and black eye make their appearance. Theo Riddick playing for injured Armando fumbles and the defense is back on the field, defending the red zone. Where was Robert Hughes?

8:17 Gerhart gets his third carry, well on his way to 50. Scores his 24th touchdown on his 5th carry and 3rd in a row on the drive. 7-0

8:24 Riddick doesn't fumble the kick return, offense gets a penalty for illegal motion. The wide receivers on this team commit more penalties than any team I've ever seen. Brent is giving the points with the Cardinal this game and just explained why. Incomplete shovel pass and a punt. Stanford turns the punt over, maybe Brent can explain that fumble away because of the Harbaugh speculation.

8:27 Third offensive series, fade to Tate, he should have caught that. HUUUUUGHES picks up the first down on third and short. Play fake TD TATE. So good. Brent never called the score. 7-7

8:33 Brent calls Sharpley Shipley, obviously wishing he was in Austin with Colt. What a catch, lucky his feet aren't any bigger. Here comes Toby. Williams gets a pass knock down. SERGIO BROWN with a great blitz and gets Pritchard in the back field. Weird substitution from Harbaugh. Another stop by the defense forcing a field goal attempt. Nate Whitaker transferred from Notre Dame? I don't remember that name at all. Did he lose out to Brandon Walker? 10-7

8:42 Montana (the state not Nate) gets a shout out for their come from behind win in the college football playoffs today. Herbstreit pretends as though he's never heard of a college football playoff.

8:43 Rudy 2.0 makes an appearance, Jimmy avoids a blitz finds Hughes for a first down. Golden Tate is a clone of Carolina Steve Smith. Hughes drags defenders like he's Golden Tate. Great play call from Weis, fake sneak, fire the ball backwards to Riddick and awesome down field blocking by Golden. Then a tremendous Mike Floyd push off/TD catch. AWESOME SHOW SO FAR.14-10

8:53 Herbie assures everyone that Bob Stoops has not been contacted by anyone about any job ever.

8:57 The Gerhart train starts rolling again after a kick off out of bounds. How many freshman quarterbacks can one team play in a season. Cardinal get called for a hold and can't convert a third and 20, must not have watched the BC tape. Another field goal. 14-13

9:03 The number five play of the last 30 years was Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook to beat the Wolverines and it sounds like Brent had U of M in that game. That play doesn't get old. Ever. HUUUUGHES is pounding people, I think the Pac-10 might not play defense. Which resembles a team I root for. Third and short and a qb sneak... I don't think it was that short Charlie. Good time out Charlie, jeez. I love using time outs for no reason. HUUUUGHES it or lose it. Theo "Huckstable" Riddick is so quick and quite a change up from Hughes. Everybody that ND puts back there can kick field goals this year... WAZZUPWIDTHAT? 17-13

9:17 Gerhart goes for 17 and then 8 putting him up near 70 for the game. I love when Lisa Salters goes to interview somebodies family member and refers to them as dad or mom, it's so authentic and professional. Pressure is being put on the quarterback today, when did the Irish start doing that, forced a punt.

9:22 Stat comes out that Weis is 20-0 when he out rushes the opponent and 16 and 26 when out rushed. That stat makes sense. Floyd just made the best play a defensive back has made all season, oh wait he was playing wide out. Personal foul against Stanford extends Notre Dames drive. The next play is bomb to Tate for a touchdown. 24-13. Perhaps Weis should have been fired every week (@herloyalsons).

9:27 Another short kick off and on the next play Luck completes a 20 yard pass to inside the ND 40. 3rd down and 8 converted down to the 2. Gerhart stood up by T'eo. NICE! Third down an inch away... Fullback gets in 24-20. 11 seconds left in the half, plenty of time for a Golden Mary. Nope just a kneel down. I'll take it.

10:00 Second half starts with a Golden Tate reverse for 20ish yards. Love actual reverses. Wildcat turns into flea flicker for Clausen TOUCHDOWN FLOYD!!!! Wide. Open. 31-20

10:06 The crappy kicking off works as the returner had his knee down when he got possession at the 20. The Gerhart show is off and running again. Stanford runs a reverse, Brent calls it an end around... End around is direct hand off to a wide out or slot, reverse is hand off to the back who then gets it to the wide out. Ughh it's so simple. Luck breaks out of the pocket picks up a first and goal. Touchdown Gerhart bowling people over. 31-27 These teams defenses are offensive.

10:16 Great screen pass. The Big Uglies get out in front and block for HUUUUUUUUGHES. Riddick would have scored on that play. Watching Toby Gerhart baseball highlights, I don't think I've seen any Golden Tate baseball highlights this year. Chris Stewart just took out Teo Riddick with a helmet to helmet hit, somehow avoided the flag. Bomb to Tate barely overthrown... Punt time.

10:22 Harrison Smith just made a big hit on Toby Gerhart after a pretty good play action. His best hit since the penalty against Pitt last year... Blitzing on third and long is awful, thankfully there was a hold on the play and we re-do third down. HOW DO YOU NOT COVER THE HEISMAN HOPEFUL? Gawdawful. Stanford ran a flea flicker of their own, they are stealing Notre Dames play calls and running them a series or two later. No Gerhart on 3rd and 7 and Stanford runs the ball anyway, ND was due to stop the toss play eventually. Fourth quarter and a four point lead... Haven't had a lead going into the fourth since WSU.

10:34 Another field goal for Stanford 31-30. A close game, very surprsing. Brent explains that Stanford Cardinal is like Syracuse Orange. Not the tree/fruit but the color.

10:38 Bomb to Tate draws a pass interference flag. The fans of color disagree. Heard Kamara's name for the first time today as he blocks for Floyds first down. Another pass interference this one on Floyd and much more obvious. Brent pointing out that Clausen likes to run his mouth to the opponent. GOLDEN TATE IS AMAZING!!!!! OH. EM. GEE. 38-30

10:46 After a penalty on the TD allows the Irish to kick off from the 50, the couldn't force a touch back and allowed a return past the 30. AWFUL. One play later Gerhart is at the Irish 37. A PA waggle on second down picks up the first down. T'eo just missed a pick. Harbaugh is going for it on fourth down, he just announced two downs to the Luck. Let's see if he sticks to it, yep, this a Weis like decision... Fourth and four. Halfback pass touchdown. Musberger and Herbstreet couldn't see the player catch a pass. AWFUL ANNOUNCING. Also the line judge never ruled it a touch down. Going for two. 38-38 KMac got burnt on the td and the two. oof.

10:58 Riddick takes the kick out of the end zone and is stopped pre 20. Hughes picks up nine on first and Weis hasn't wasted any time outs yet. Quick swing to Mike for the first. Same play other way. Paul Duncan makes his first reception picks up 6, Weis is calling passes off defensive players to his tackles now. Schematic advantage. Third and two. Stanford gets a stop. Could be the ball game right there.

11:04 Musberger calls Harbaugh a Meechigan man. Gerhart carrying people or running them over. First down at mid-field. Taylor is the change of pace back that is doing a very nice job. Third and medium, big play here. Watch the heisman hopeful. This is a blitzing down. I mean for normal people. Tenuta thinks every down is a blitzing down. STOP HITTING GERHART UP HIGH. What are they thinking? Another third down pick up. Should have let Gerhart score on that play. Game over. Notre Dame forced to let Gerhart get another touchdown in order to get the ball back for Jimmy, Golden and Mike.

11:16 From the 20. Sack. Final time out. This team can not block at the end of games. Sam Young completely baffled that the ball was snapped. Tate catches a hail mary at mid field. 38 seconds left. Tate again out of bounds, just moved the ball 60 yards in two plays and 15 seconds. Tate again out of bounds, 25 seconds left. Sacked again, gotta get back to the line. 7 seconds left and a spike. Fourth down. Incomplete. 6 and 6. Bye Charlie.

Gerhart was very impressive. Harbaugh gets his first win against the Irish. Did Stanford students just rush the field? That game was exactly what this season was.

If Jimmy leaves, which I expect, there will be no scholarship quarterbacks in spring practice due to Crists injury. Think about that. SEEYA CHARLIE.

Bring me Bob, Brian, Chris or Gary. Urban in a dream. Let's move on to Gody's final season. What? They lost to Northwestern? Umm, how's the hockey team?

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rakeback said...

Toby Gerhart is already one of the best players in college football and if Standford can keep him together with Andrew Luck they could contend for the PAC 10 for the next couple years and maybe a national championship.