Monday, September 7, 2009


Brian Dascenzo, Domer Sports Report

Notre Dame Football

This is basically a breakdown of what I saw on Saturday. You may have gotten a preview on twitter if you follow me....

I love Jimmy Clausen tucking the ball and running for yardage when no receivers were open on the first play from scrimmage.

Michael Floyd looks gigantic and he lost no speed. In short he is a freak and will be a first round pick in the NFL.

Kyle Rudolph looks like a bigger version of Michael Floyd, he just needs to be a better blocker.

Golden Tate fell down throwing a block and still blocked two guys on Mike Floyd's second touchdown.

Armando Allen is still not as good as he will be.

Jonas Gray looks special.

Theo Riddick is very quick, I think he will be the best returner since Joey Getherall.

Nick Tausch will end his career at Notre Dame as the all time leading scorer.

Mike Anello acts like he didn't break his leg.

Kyle McCarthy is a great example for his little brother.

The corner backs did not show their potential at all.

I love defensive line men that wear unusual numbers. KLM and Ethan Johnson in-particular.

*Manti T'eo is one half of the best jersey value you can have.

Ethan Johnson is going to benefit from sharing a jersey with Kyle Rudolph. (Rudy 2.0)

Blitzing is the norm not the oddity.

Duval Kumara was not noticed.

A more then welcome back to Darrin Walls.

Tom Hammonds is a terrible play by play guy. I would prefer Joe Buck's emotionless play calling to him.

*Armando Allen is the other half.

Nevada's run defense was only good last year because their pass defense was so bad.

The Colin Kaepernick being recruited by ND for baseball made for a cute story, his team made it seem like his future was in baseball.

Michigan is a better test then Nevada, I wasn't sure about this before Saturday.

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