Sunday, September 20, 2009


Brian Dascenzo, Domer Sports Report

Notre Dame Football

I've changed the name of the article just because I can.

Quick hits from the State game.

Armando Allen continues to grow as a running back and is even being trusted to take snaps late in games.

Michael Floyd isn't going to play against USC until his junior year (knock on wood).

The catch rule in the end zone has to be looked at and changed. A touch down should end the play, a late hit should not affect a catch that has already happened.

Golden Tate, remember him? He's still awesome even with a drop or two.

Charlie didn't shy away from throwing late in the game even without his best receiver.

The defense, outside of Kyle McCarthy, can't tackle. Plain and simple.

Jimmy Clausen grew up these last two weeks, especially this week. Leading the team while hurt and having to arm pass most throws today showed a toughness I don't know that we'd seen.

Jonas Gray got Clausen killed by not blocking either of two blitzers.

Big 11 officials know what conference they come from.

Missed extra points are unacceptable... unless it evens out and you kill a long field goal.

Wins are better than losses. Not to go out on a limb.

Charlie still gets too cute during play calling. I don't know if he out thinks himself or what but there are plays every game that I just can't believe he called.

I can't believe Charlie Jr. is 16.

Duval Kamara is going to have to step up or get out. It's make or break time Duval.

Mike Floyd needs a nickname that doesn't involve his injury proneness. Something like G.O.A.T.

Kyle Rudolph, meet the limelight.

The offensive line is about to get abused by Charlie, I think the run game is going to get used a bit more these next two games.

I still don't understand how MSUCKS only ran for 105 yards without a sack against. It seemed like every time they ran it went for at least five yards.

Remember the field goal that slammed against the upright? Me, too.

The look ahead to ND curse hit Purdue this week as they lost to Northern Illinois. Or Purdue isn't very good (remember MSUCKS lost to CMU last week?).

Blitzing on every down and not getting sacks doesn't make any sense.

Blitzing on 3rd and long doesn't make sense at all.

I'm questioning Tenuta, sorry, but I remember what he did to ND in 06 and 07 and this isn't it.

The biggest (errr second biggest) play by the defense was a defensive lineman chasing down a running back from behind on a screen pass. This shows positives (speed) and negatives (no one else could make the tackle).

Shouldn't the non-KMac defensive backs make plays? Not you Ray, no one knew you were on the roster.

Can someone explain Pat Haden and Tom Hammond's insistence that Cousins' pass into Ray Herring was a great show of poise?

I hope MSUCKS planted a flag after their Montana State win, because they just lost their home away from home. I think Notre Dame goes back to dominating this series 3 out of every 4 as a worst case scenario, you know like Michigan does to their little brother...

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