Sunday, September 27, 2009


Brian Dascenzo, Domer Sports Report

Notre Dame Football

Quick hits from the Purdue game...

Did the running game seemingly get better without Armando Allen?

I think that talks about Purdue more than anything.

Jimmy Clausen is pretty, pretty good.

Dayne Crist got some meaningful snaps which could become necessary if Clausen can't get better.

Jimmy on one leg is better than Dayne right now.

The defense still hates tackling.

Darrin Walls needs to knock the fourth down pass down and not intercept it. Cost the team 20ish yards of field position.

Purdue bailed the Irish out by not kicking long field goals and missing the fourth down conversions.

Golden Tate is very good, the last thing I remember him doing in the Wild Cat was tackling Armando against Nevada.

Charlie did a great job of game planning around not having Armando.

Jonas Gray and Robert Hughes were very good in replacing Armando and Riddick is this close to returning a kick.

The tackles did not play their best, at least I hope that wasn't their best.

The wide receivers did not step up for the Floyd absence. Unless you count Kamara lining up wrong multiple times, although I guess he was noticed this game...

The third quarter is still an issue, even though they held the ball for 12 minutes. No points in the quarter almost led to a disaster.

If Charlie really was planning on spiking the ball with 36 seconds left that is a terrible decision. Thankfully Purdue bailed him out, although I think it might have been a fake spike play because that is the only thing that makes sense.

If I never have to see Todd Blackledge and Brad Nessler discuss food for four plays in a row I'll be a happy guy.

Tenuta adjusted the defense, I think. It's still a bend and don't break scheme. They did shut down Bolden though.

Nessler has regressed almost as much as Juice Williams.

A win is a win is a win, but I'd like to be able to breathe during the fourth quarter this week.

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