Sunday, September 14, 2008

Michigan at ND: Did You Notice?

By Joe Pierce

  • Notre Dame hadn't scored 21 points in the first quarter of any game during Charlie Weis' tenure until Saturday? Let's hope the trend continues.

  • Sergio Brown does a fine job running with receivers, but never turns around to look for the ball.

  • After Brian Smith's fumble recovery for a TD, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez covered his mouth while he yelled at the people in the booth. I guess he didn't want NBC to read his lips and see who he was ripping.

  • Hammond and Haden brought up the arch-nemesis of Notre Dame and Lou Holtz, Mr. Mark May? I agree, I think Lou was happy to get away from him for a day, too.


Matt said...

I don't know why the folks at NDLNA seem to have it in for this blog, but I think you guys do a good job. Keep it up.

Granger Irish said...

Matt - there is another blog run by a psycho (IBB are the initial of the blog). Anyway, that guy has harassed me and has the owner of ndlna in his pocket. So, they are constantly screwing with us over there. You can always help by doing two things: "cheer" our articles over there and vote to "bury" anything from weisgipper or bew602. Thanks for the kind comments.