Monday, September 8, 2008

Did You Notice?

By Joe Pierce

- Long hair must be en vogue in northern Indiana - Jimmy Clausen and a bunch of his teammates had Kevin Green-like manes coming out of their helmets.

- The Irish defense had to hit the brakes about a dozen times when trying to time their blitzes. Losing your running start is a blitz-killer.

- The NBC announcing team was both clueless and pushy. As several replays were running on TV, they were talking about the play having a completely different outcome. Also, Jimmy Clausen was pestered during his post-game interview and missed half of the Alma Mater.

- Five true freshmen hit the field for the Irish Saturday: TE Kyle Rudolph, WR Michael Floyd, DE Ethan Johnson, LB Darius Fleming, & OL Braxton Cave.

- Charlie Weis deferred the coin toss. That's only the second time he's done it, with the first being against Southern Cal last year.

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Jay-A said...

Great point regarding Hammond and Haden. For one thing, I've never figured out why we have a former USC QB (Haden) doing ND games. For another, the two of them are embarrasing. They make Troy Aikman and Joe Buck look like charter members of MENSA. Is there no one else who can do the Irish games?!