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Notre Dame Wide Receiver Analysis For The 2013 Season

Notre Dame Football WR's 2013

Players that return: TJ Jones, Davaris Daniels, Chris Brown, Daniel Smith, Justin Ferguson, Davonte Neal

Players that leave: John Goodman, Robby Toma

New Additions: Will Fuller, Corey Robinson, James Onwualu, and Torii Hunter Jr.

Overview: For the first time since the 2007 season, Notre Dame did not have a single receiver have 1,000 or more receiving yards in a single season. Notre Dame doesn't have many losses at this position and gains 4 freshman in the 2013 class. TJ Jones and Davaris Daniels have solidified themselves as 2 of the 3 starting wide receivers for the 2013 season, as Robby Toma graduates. What is most likely to happen is for Chris Brown to get the other receiver spot, but Davonte Neal and Justin Ferguson will also be possibilities as well. Corey Robinson and James Onwualu are early enrollees and will see some playing time in the next season. Torii Hunter, Jr. suffered an injury that could limit him a bit and might lead to possibly redshirting in 2013.

TJ Jones 2012 Statistics:

1 attempt, 8 rushing yards, 8 yards per rush.

Receiving: 50 receptions, 649 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns, 12.9 yards per reception.

TJ Jones 2011 Statistics:

38 receptions, 366 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns, 9.6 yards per reception.

TJ Jones 2010 Statistics:

23 receptions, 306 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns, 13.3 yards per reception.

Career Single Game Highs: 7 receptions (vs. Alabama, 2012 National Championship) 90 receiving yards (vs. Alabama, 2012 National Championship), 1 receiving touchdown (Multiple Games, vs. Purdue, 2010, vs. Michigan, 2010, at Navy, 2010, at Michigan, 2011, vs. Michigan St., 2011, at Purdue, 2011, vs. Purdue, 2012, vs. Stanford, 2012, vs. Pittsburgh, 2012, and vs. Wake Forest, 2012), 1 attempt (vs. Purdue, 2012), 8 rushing yards (vs. Purdue, 2012), 8 yards per rush (vs. Purdue, 2012).

Additional Information: TJ Jones was arguably one of the most improved players in the 2013 season, and had his best season overall as a Notre Dame football player in 2012, he closed off the season strong with a career highs in receptions and receiving yards in the national championship loss to Alabama. TJ Jones will enter the 2013 season as one of the starting receivers. TJ Jones has scored 1 receiving touchdown against Purdue each time Notre Dame has played against them during his career at Notre Dame.

Davaris Daniels 2012 Statistics:

31 receptions, 490 receiving yards, 15.8 yards per reception.

Career Single Game Highs: 7 receptions (vs. Pittsburgh, 2012), 115 receiving yards (vs. Alabama, 2012 National Championship), 24.5 yards per reception (at Navy, 2012)

Additional Information: After redshirting in 2011, Davaris Daniels had a good season as a redshirt freshman despite missing time in 2 games and not recording any statistics in 2 other games. He had missed the last 2 regular season games with injury before coming back against Alabama and setting career highs in receiving yards in the national championship loss against Alabama. Daniels will likely be the top wide receiver for the Irish this season and his size gives him an advantage.

Daniel Smith 2012 Statistics:

7 receptions, 47 yards, 6.7 yards per reception.

Career Single Game Highs: 2 receptions (vs. Purdue, 2012), 14 receiving yards (vs. Purdue, 2012), 10 yards per reception (vs. Wake Forest, 2012)

Additional Information: Daniel Smith has sparingly played in his time at Notre Dame and didn't record any receptions in 2010 or 2011, but gave the Irish necessary depth, which is likely what will be expected in the next season.

Chris Brown 2012 Statistics:

2 receptions, 56 yards, 28 yards per reception.

Career Single Game Highs: 1 reception (at Oklahoma, 2012 and vs. Wake Forest, 2012), 50 yards (at Oklahoma, 2012), and 50 yards per reception (at Oklahoma, 2012).

Additional Information: Chris Brown appeared frequently in the 2012 season, and almost always on a deep route, but only brought in one deep pass against Oklahoma, but it was crucial and went for 50 yards. He will likely compete with Justin Ferguson and Davonte Neal for the 3rd wide receiver spot and could be one to have a big season for the Irish.

Justin Ferguson 2012 Statistics:

1 reception, 9 receiving yards, 9 yards per reception.

Career Single Game Highs: 1 reception (at Navy, 2012), 9 receiving yards (at Navy, 2012), and 9 yards per catch (at Navy, 2012).

Additional Information: Justin Ferguson is another receiver who played as a true freshman and despite doing the least of the three true freshman, he will likely be counted on to contribute more after only recording one reception in the first game of the 2012 season.

Davonte Neal 2012 Statistics:

1 attempt, 7 rushing yards, 7 yards per rush.

Receiving: 1 reception, -5 yards, -5 yards per reception.

Career Single Game Highs: 1 reception (at Navy, 2012), -5 receiving yards (at Navy, 2012), -5 yards per reception, 1 attempt (at Navy, 2012), 7 rushing yards (at Navy, 2012), and 7 yards per rush (at Navy, 2012).

Additional Information: Davonte Neal also wasn't used much on offense, but was the punt returner for the Irish in the 2012 season. Neal will also be expected to contribute more after not doing much as a true freshman on offense.

Additional Information on wide receivers: Even though there is a lot of youth at the position, it is one of the most well stocked positions for the Irish as nearly everyone is either a freshman or sophomore in the 2013 season. It's possible that one or two of the freshman wide receivers will be able to redshirt, and Corey Robinson and James Onwualu have a step up over other incoming freshman due to enrolling early. Torii Hunter, Jr. will be the one most likely to redshirt as he recovers from his injury.

Projected Wide Receiver Depth Chart:

Justin Ferguson So.
Daniel Smith Sr.

Corey Robinson Fr.
James Onwualu Fr.

SL: Chris Brown So.
Davonte Neal So.

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