Saturday, September 4, 2010

SaturDame: Purdue 2010

A win by the Irish was expected and necessary. Also, it was never really in doubt. Sure, the Weis nerves came back when Purdue cut the lead to eight, but this team closed the game out well.

Only two penalties all game. I love teams that don't make the game harder on themselves than it already is.

Dayne Crist does not have the same touch on his deep balls that Jimmy did. It's probably just rust but it's something he needs to do work on. Just giving Floyd, Rudolph and Jones a chance at a ball could be the difference in some games. Brian Kelly gave him a lot of short routes and he completed almost all of those.

Armando Allen looked like a different player out there.

Cierre Wood looked Vierre Good. Probably should have seen the field last year, but I'm sure Brian Kelly appreciates the extra year he gets with him.

David Ruffer did not fade after earning the kicking gig. A touchback and three field goals including one that put the game out of reach.

Manti T'eo's hits sound different when he lines someone up, I think it happened twice today. Need more of that.

Darrin Walls played an outstanding game, changing the momentum with the early pick and making tackles as well.

Can Rudy2.0 get a pass thrown to him at once a quarter? Is that too much?

The Dash scores a touch down in his first game. Tai-ler Jones appears to fit in nicely.

Michael Floyd is still Michael Floyd on jump balls.

The defensive line made more than enough plays, well the starters did. Thought the interception before the safety would be a game ender.

I liked Brian Kelly taking responsibility for the safety, by saying that they have to coach the line better. Very few coaches teach their team not to block people on a running play is all I'm saying.

The grab by Floyd on third down that enabled the team to run out the clock, was an awesome reach back for a poorly thrown ball catch.

I will happily never see Ryan Kerrigan in college again. Monsterish, have fun Big Twelven Quarterbacks.

Would like to see Theo Riddick get some more chances in space.

Carlo Calabrese had a good game in his first start at ILB.

Going to be interesting next week, with Michigan beating a supposedly pretty good UConn team handily. The biggest game under Brian Kelly is the next one, at least the first 6 weeks of this year.

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