Sunday, April 25, 2010

SaturDame The Spring Game 10

A reverse was the first play of the Brian Kelly era and it was effective. Armando "Double A" Allen flipped the ball to Michael "Pink" Floyd who gained a first down.

The offenses combined for 744 yards, which was to be expected since the defenses ran a simplified version of the game plan.

That number is more impressive after the 2nd half featured 12 minute quarters and a running clock (due to the weather).

The offensive showcase featured many players that will probably not be heard of again including Pat Coughlan, walk on running back who ran for 80 yards and a touch down.

Dayne Crist will only get better (hopefully) but looked a little rusty and didn't move as much as he should in the fall.

Nate Montana should be a good back-up until Tommy Rees, or others, are ready.

The running back battle between Jonas Gray and Cierre Wood was fun to watch, Cierre broke a 44 yard touchdown run (1 of 2) and was almost immediately followed by Jonas breaking off a 38 yard score.

Tai-ler "Dash" Jones, Shaq Evans and Deion Walker all appropriated themselves nicely in the offense.

Kyle Rudolph and Mike Ragone made multiple nice catches in traffic.

The shovel pass appears to be a staple in the offense and Armando should be able to pick up some yardage.

The place kicking needs a lot and I mean a lot of work. Multiple missed extra points and a horrible field goal attempt brought that to the forefront.

The no-huddle offense was a lot of fun to watch (even though it took the people sitting around me nearly the whole first half to realize it was even going on).

I'm expecting a lot of rotating of receivers in the fall and not just to keep players fresh, but because there is a plethora of talent there (thanks Charlie).

Duval Kumara, who used to hold some freshman receiving records, showed glimpses of that talent again.

There isn't much to write about the defense in a game like this but they got some interceptions and made some hits that were loud.

I can't imagine Brian Kelly being unhappy about the offenses having to deal with the rain and it wasn't awful for the fans, although umbrellas seem rude in the stands.

Of course it rained, I was at the game. I was also at the Washington game last year, downpour at halftime, and the Syracuse game the year before, freezing cold and sitting in snow. So if you're going to a game next year try to make it one that I'm not at. I don't remember the weather at the Air Force loss in the 3-9 season but it probably wasn't good.

A trip to South Bend is never a bad thing, and I got to introduce my sister (MSU grad) to the stadium and somehow she only bought two things in the gift tent, which I'm sure her husband appreciates.

Purdue can't get here fast enough. My sister referred to this game as a tease and I agree.

My Golden Tate Seahawks jersey will be ordered soon.



Granger Irish said...

We should have met, Brian! I was there, also. I have to say that I was really impressed with Cierre Wood. He could be the breakaway threat that we need at running back. At one time he was a 5-star rated back before dropping to a 4-star. So, based on that, he was highly rated coming out of high school.

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