Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturdame... Husky Edition 10-3-09


Golden Tate seems pretty good.

The defense was so good on the goal line because they didn't actually have to wrap anyone up, they just had to stop their momentum.

That being said three goal line stands is a bit ridiculous. Hopefully that's a turning point for the season.

I understand Jake Locker taking the sack in overtime in order to get away from the loud noise of the student section, but it didn't quite work out.

Steve Sarkisian and Locker did a terrible job of running the clock down after the touchdown got reversed. They were snapping the ball with plenty of time on the play clock.

Charlie Weis has done a great job of getting Golden Tate the ball and making the defense react to him instead of him reacting to the defense.

Not a bad job by a freshman punter in a terrible weather condition in his first game.

Field goals aren't going to cut it against USC, but it's nice to know that three points are nearly guaranteed every time Nick Tausch lines up.

Kyle McCarthy sure can hit somebody.

The cornerbacks are not as good as advertised.

Robby Parris and Shaq seem to have moved past Duval Kamara, even if Charlie claims it's because of his knee.

Rudy 2.0. Bigger, faster, stronger. Kyle Rudolph could probably help Mike Brey in the off-season.

I don't understand roll outs near the end zone. Grouping all the receivers together in a small area seems like disaster waiting to happen.

Manti T'eo sure knows how to make an impression.

Were the officials testing out calls they never make just to make sure they still work?

If Washington doesn't get the gift touchdown from Clausen I don't think the game is close.

Kyle McCarthy should have intercepted the ball at the end of regulation, but I guess that's why he plays defense.

I got a kick out of Golden Tate firing his gloves to the Washington sideline because they were wet after making the bobbling catch in the third quarter.

Bring on the bye week... oh and USC.

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