Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Former USC commit decides he doesn't want to ride the Trojan Horse and instead favors South Bend

                    (photo taken by Rivals.com)

Shaquelle Evans (#3 ranked WR in the nation), has decided that he no longer wants to be known as a soft commitment to USC.   The fact of the matter is he has decided USC is not even his top choice.   Evans told ESPNU's Greg Biggins:
"Right now, I'm really feeling Notre Dame," Evans said. "I had a great trip back there and that's where I feel most comfortable.  It's hard to explain but I just felt so at home at Notre Dame and I've never felt that way around any other school."

That's right Irish fans, the 6'1 203 lb WR who runs a 4.43 40 yard dash, has decided that Notre Dame is on the top of his wish list of colleges to attend next year.   Shaquelle, who is from Inglewood HS (CA), took an official visit to South Bend and watched as they took on, and defeated, the Purdue Boilermakers two weeks ago.   Evans came away from his trip LOVING the atmosphere and loved just being at Notre Dame stadium.   The biggest thing for him however, was, "just the comfort level," and that he has always believed that you should go where you feel most comfortable and, "right now for me, that's Notre Dame."

Evans was in California to watch the Trojans dominate the Buckeyes last month and gave the coaches there a "soft commitment" meaning that he wanted to keep his eyes open.  Fortunately for Irish fans, that means putting Notre Dame at the top of his list.   Shaquelle has not said when he will decide on his college choice but insists that "I am going to pick the best school for me no matter where it is, and right now, I think that's Notre Dame."

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