Saturday, June 14, 2008

Public Enemy No. 1

By Radio Man

The old saying, "if you do not have anything nice to say, say nothing at all," apparently never took hold with Florida head coach Urban Meyer. At least that is the case when coach Meyer covets a recruit that is also considering Notre Dame. As someone who actually knows Meyer from his days at ND, that surprises me a little bit, but not completely. In short, Meyer's true colors have been flying for a while now.

Case in point, when Meyer recruited Justin Trattou he did so by the cover of night. Not that it's illegal, but he told Trattou not to tell anyone he was talking with Florida. Keep in mind that Trattou was committed to Notre Dame at the time. Amongst other things, coach Meyer talked to Trattou about how the 3-4 defense was not a good fit for him and his football future (read: NFL – which is garbage – the Cowboys, Patriots, and Chargers all use the 3-4), while former Gators assistant coach Greg Mattison's favorite topics about Notre Dame (with several recruits) despite his previous love for the school was how the weather sucked and the social life suffered.

Case in point no. 2, Omar Hunter, same deal as before, and Omar was snookered into to lying to everyone from Notre Dame coaches, players, and likely even his parents, especially his father, who wanted him at Notre Dame due to the academics, that he was not talking to other schools, when in fact he was – Florida included – while being a Notre Dame commitment. In the end, Hunter was a fraud himself, but he was not the one who was truly taken for a ride. Coach Mattison recruited Hunter. He had an ax to grind with Notre Dame after leaving South Bend on not so good of terms, and he definitely took it to another level with Hunter. Mattison, you see, had an assistant coaching job lined up with the Baltimore Ravens long before this past National Signing Day came around. So when Hunter switched his commitment to UF after initially deciding to attend Notre Dame, Mattison and Meyer did what came naturally. They lied to Hunter about the entire situation telling Hunter Mattison was not leaving Gainesville. Just by complete and total coincidence Mattison ended up taking a job with the Ravens right after National Signing Day. Shocking! And oh yes, Notre Dame assistant coach Bill Lewis, who recently retired as a football coach, told Hunter of what was about to happen. Hunter did not listen and signed with the Gators.

This year there will certainly be more drama, even without the departed Gators assistant coach…Meyer has actually already made sure of that. The top recruit on Notre Dame's board for the class of 2009 is Fayetteville, N.C., (Jack Britt) standout Xavier Nixon, the top pure left tackle prospect in the country. Notre Dame will be one of Nixon's five official visits according to his father, according to this article by But oh, the Gators are looming as well. Actually, Louisiana State, Notre Dame and Florida all appear to have a good shot to land Nixon, it's just that Notre Dame is the one school that is different (read: private school from a different region of the country) from the others that likely scares Meyer.

Without going into specifics, let me just say that Urban is bad-mouthing Notre Dame again with Nixon and his family. What a stand up individual. With Omar Hunter, it was more of the same.

Notre Dame fans will be hearing more and more about Meyer's sliminess during the coming months, as Nixon and other Notre Dame targets cross paths with Gainesville's biggest dirt bag. As I gather more information, I will continually keep everyone updated, with pleasure. Meyer's antics need to be publicly displayed. Promote the school you represent, do not hammer other programs. It's pathetic, but that's Meyer for you.

For more interesting Meyer fodder, go to Her Loyal Sons and decide for yourself just how well Meyer fits in with another con artist down in Tuscaloosa or Knoxville or Fayetteville. OK, the SEC is chalk-full of slime balls. Meyer fits right in.


Tony Spilotro said...

The spring ball feature on ESPN where Lou visited Florida made me sick, chumming it up with the Chinless Bitch like he had no idea what's been going on with recruits. I still love Lou but that was disappointing...

Radio Man said...

Lou's the one that hired Urban. They are still close, allegedly.