Friday, May 23, 2008

Willingham 3rd Highest Paid ND "Employee"

Have you ever wondered what the buyout of Tyrone Willingham's contract with Notre Dame was? Well, thanks to Michael Rothstein of Irish Insights, I can tell you. In Rothstein's article regarding the top 15 salaries at the University of Notre Dame for 2006-07, he shows that Willingham is actually the third ranked paid "employee".

Third ranked employee! Not bad for being a so-called victim of racism, huh? For 2006-2007, Ty made $650,000 from the University of Notre Dame. Not bad for not coaching Notre Dame, either. Where is ESPN on this one? Combined with his University of Washington salary, his yearly income is huge. Rothstein writes:

On top of the $650,000 he received from Notre Dame from July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007, he'll also receive a guaranteed annual compensation of $1,340,736 from Washington in '07-'08. His base salary is $437,760.

Willingham could also earn a maximum of $402,500 in possible incentives and a maximum deferred compensation of $301,250.

In other numbers, Willingham will make a minimum of $1,990,736 between the two schools if you combine his guaranteed salary for this coming season and what Notre Dame paid him during its latest 990 tax form filing.

Let me put Willingham's salary at Notre Dame in perspective and you can tell me if it is fair. Current football coach Charlie Weis makes a yearly base salary of $598,000. And, he is working - and working hard. Weis ranks number four on the list of top fifteen salaries at Notre Dame.

Food for thought: how in the world can anyone consider that Willingham is a victim of racism by big, bad, old Notre Dame if he is receiving a higher salary (from Notre Dame) than the current Notre Dame coach?

What's your opinion?

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